Shivti Chabura at Yachad Kollel

Yachad Kollel’s Shivti Chabura

At Yachad we started the shivti Chabura in fall 2016.

Currently, we have  two weekly Chaburas :

  • First Chabura meets every Shabbat Morning after Tefilah / Kiddush.
  • Second Chabura is during Yachad’s Wednesday morning laymen Kollel ( Which has been around for nearly two decades).
  • besides our main Chaburas,  We have additionally encouraged several Chavrutas that meet during the week and learn the Sugia at their own paste.

To Join our Chaburas or find a Chavruta please contact one of Yachad’s Rabbanim. 

The Shivti Mission

Shivti was founded by Beth Medrash Govoha in 2014 to provide intensive learning opportunities outside the physical walls of the Yeshiva. The driving force behind the Shivti movement is not to simply learn but to genuinely grow in learning.
The typical Shivti curriculum starts with in-depth Iyun and ends with Halacha L’maaseh’s practical applications, incorporating the quality and methodology that are the hallmarks of Beth Medrash Govoha. The weekly Shivti booklet features carefully curated content, clearly presenting exactly what the Sugya is, what will be learned, and which specific path is optimal to take through the Sugya. Shivti learning typically takes place within a chaburah setting, led by the local Rav, similar to the classic Yeshiva learning seder. The goal is to entirely engage the participants, so that they emerge each week with great clarity, both in the sometimes difficult lomdut and in the real world knowledge of Halacha and Minhag L’maaseh.