RAL TeamRabbi Avraham Levychaim
Rosh Kollel
Rabbi Avraham Levichaim is the Educational Director of Yachad and for the past twelve years has made a profound impact on the Los Angeles Persian community. He has studied in prominent yeshivot such as the Ner Israel Rabbinical College (where he received his ordination) and Chaim Berlin. His depth of insight into the human psyche coupled with his soft and gentle speech enchants the people around him. rabbi@goyachad.com

RYS TeamRabbi Yoseph Shemtov
Executive Director
Rabbi Shemtov is the Executive Director of Yachad. He has studied in the Talmudic University of Florida and the Hebrew Theological College. In addition he is a prominent alumnus of the Rabbinical Kollel in New York where he has also lectured. Rabbi Shemtov is well known for his numerous classes and study groups that he has organized throughout the greater Los Angeles area. On top all the other things that Rabbi Shemtov overseas, he finds time to set up the popular JPP singles events and carry the heavy financial burden of the Yachad Kollel. shemtov@goyachad.com

RSA Team

Rabbi Shemuel Akhamzadeh
Educational staff
Rabbi Shmuel attended the Valley Torah high school. After high school he continued to study in yeshivot while completing his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Cal State University. Rabbi Akhamzadeh moved to Israel after attaining his BA to study in the Ohr Sameach yeshivah where he was ordained. Upon returning from Israel, Rabbi Akhamzadeh moved to Toronto and studied in the prestigious Yismach Moshe Rabbinical Institute there. We are very happy to have him back and in the full swing of things, giving classes and involved in many speaking engagementstrans Team. shemuel@goyachad.com

RYA TeamRabbi Yechezkel Aryeh trans Team
Educational staff
Rabbi Yechezkel Aryeh is one of the most beloved individuals in the community as his caring and modest personality makes him easy to talk to. He has studied in the Ner Israel Rabbinical College. At Ner Israel he received his ordination and masters degree in Talmudic Law. He teaches a wide array of classes at Yachad, in addition to many classes in downtown Los Angeles. With his enchanting voice he has the power to rejuvenate in his role as Chazan at the Yachad Kollel. yechezkel@goyachad.com

RDC TeamRabbi David Cohen
Educational staff
After graduating from Valley Torah High School, Rabbi Cohen attended UCLA, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He then continued on to the Israel branch of the Rabbinical Seminary of America for one year and then moved to the Queens campus for one year, where he was ordained. In the short amount of time that Rabbi Cohen has been with us, he has managed to make many contacts in various campuses studying with and guiding the students there. david@goyachad.com

trans Teamtrans Team

RMS TeamRabbi Michael S. Kohanim
Educational staff
Rabbi Michael Segan Kohanim joined Yachad. With his vast knowledge on many topics he is able to give good advice whenever it’s needed. Rabbi Michael gives many classes at many locations around the city. In addition to the services he provides at the Kollel, Rabbi Segan Kohanim also leads the congregation of Ahavat Sholom Synagogue, where his energetic personality has made him beloved by all. rmichael@kenisa.com

RER TeamRabbi Eli Refaelmehr
Educational staff
When one enters the Yachad Kollel it would be almost impossible not to notice Rabbi Eliezer Refaelmehr. In addition to his enthusiasm for learning and teaching, his huge smile is transparent and contagious. As a new member of the Educational Staff he gives daily classes on a range of topics including, Gemara and the Hebrew language. He is also an avid basketball player and on many a weeknights you could find him matching skills in a lively game with the youth from the community. eliezer@goyachad.com

trans Team

RMY TeamRabbi Mosheh Yaghoubi
Educational staff
Rabbi Yaghoubi was born in Iran and moved with his family to NYC at a young age. The newest member of the Yachad family Rabbi Yaghoubi is an inspiration to behold. You could always recognize Rabbi Moshe’s study group by how he engages every single participant and by the great amount of give and take. His students also enjoy his invitations for Shabbat meals where one could expect a delicious meal, warm atmosphere, and premium quality beer. moshe@goyachad.com

RSZ Team

Rabbi Shlomo Zaragi
Educational Directore
Rabbi Z. attended the Mechina before going to the Ner Israel Rabbinical College. At Ner Israel Rabbi Zargari received his Master’s in Talmudic Law. Rabbi Zargari has also studied in post graduate programs in America and in Israel. He offers many classes on a wide range of topics at Yachad and in downtown Los Angeles. He also organizes and runs the Jewish club at Santa Monica College. He has carefully directed his unique out reach efforts to provide the communities’ youth with as many options as possible. shlomo@goyachad.com