Programs & Services

Youth Outreach: High School and College Level

One-on-One: In this extremely successful program, individuals are paired with one of our highly trained Rabbis where they can be guided and counseled in a personal and confidential atmosphere and discuss what is on their minds.

Ask the Rabbi: Our teens and youth are faced with many uncertain situations where they need guidance, but most importantly they need a shoulder to lean on. Yachad fills this void by being there when they need us.

Yachad Jewish Clubs on Campus: Yachad attends college campuses, such as UCLA, SMC & TTC in which Jewish, Persian students gather together to learn about their heritage. A free lunch is also provided and enjoyed by all.

Rabbi David Cohen has co-founded an organization called Jewish Leadership Network, which helps UCLA/USC students connect with leaders in every industry. Through the organization, students have been placed as volunteers and interns in highly prestigious institutions. An innovative Israel Medical program has been planned for the winters. The students will be doing rounds in Shaare Tzedek and visiting prestigious Medical Institutions like the Technion, Sakler, Weizman Institute, and the Sheba Medical Center. An Entrepreneur’s trip, where students will be touring Israel’s world-leading technological industry is also in the works for the summers!

Mrs. Rachel Cohen runs the women’s programming of Yachad’s college campus outreach. Mrs. Cohen leads groups, workshops and women’s programs on the college campuses as a part of the Yachad division of outreach, which is committed to providing programming for Jewish women across Los Angeles. Mrs. Cohen’s intellectually inspiring classes are geared towards today’s woman, and focus on how relevant the Torah’s age-old wisdom is to our modern lives. Whether leading a casual discussion group at UCLA, SMC and USC, or offering personal guidance at the local Coffee Bean, Mrs. Cohen’s unique blend of wisdom, insight and sensitivity
leaves an indelible mark on all who come in contact with her. She has a special ability to teach Judaism in an inspiring, relevant and meaningful way.

Youth Phone Chat: In this beloved program, our youth director, Rabbi Shlomo Zargari goes the extra mile to call and keep in touch with numerous individuals by making many phone calls on a daily basis. As one of the beneficiaries put it very aptly, Without Rav Shlomo’s phone calls, I would have been lost.

Israel Fellowship Trips: Provides scholarship and assistance to make a once in a lifetime inspirational and educational Israel trip
a reality.

Youth Discussion Groups: Enables youth to participate and interact with others who may be dealing with the same issues. At the same time, it provides a forum to foster and nurture lifelong friendships.

High School: Over the past few years Yachad and STAR have joined forces to bring a very exciting program to Pali High students to enlighten them with the wisdom of Torah. This program is directed by R. Yitzchak Sachai whose energetic and humorous demeanor
make a class on an interesting topic entertaining, engaging, and empowering.

Adult Education

Office Lunch & Learn: A well received program where professionals make use of their lunch time and get much needed spiritual charge, an emotional boost and a delicious lunch.

Executive Learning Program: Our Staff Rabbis meet with many individuals who have requested to have a monthly, biweekly or a weekly learning session on many cutting edge, timeless and timely issues.

Sunday Morning Shmooze: Provides a great opportunity for Community members to schmooze and catch up with each other over a light breakfast and refreshments followed by classes on all levels.

Wednesday Wisdom Courses: For those who desire an in-depth and engrossing spiritual journey, Yachad provides this uniquely designed program where one could plummet the depth of knowledge and be a scholar for one morning each week.

Legal Holiday Guest Speakers: Makes use of legal holidays to create special workshops where community members become educated and empowered regarding issues they are facing, enjoy a lunch and still have the afternoon and evening to spend with their family. It’s been referred to as Turn Holidays into Holy Days.

Study Sessions

Business Law and Ethics: Predatory lending, interest, disputes and tax issues are just a few of the topics covered in these sessions designed to impart proper business practices to participants.

Fundamentals of Judaism: Many known and less known ideas of Judaism and their relationship to one’s daily life are clarified in these sessions.

Jewish Philosophy/Kosher Kabbalah: In these two programs, fundamental questions of existence like how does G-d run this world, What is behind earth shattering events? etc… are dealt with in a systematic and easy to understand approach.

Power of Prayer: A much misunderstood area of Jewish life, prayer holds the key to solve many personal dilemmas. How to use the key and unlock the doors is the focus of these sessions.

Jewish History and Current Events: Does the Torah have anything to do with today’s headlines? Is there any direction and clarity which applies specifically to our times? This session will provide surprising answers.

Wisdom of the Talmud: The book that has become synonymous with knowledge, brilliance and wit is introduced and taught in a user friendly manner. We are humbled to say that thankfully more and more people are being addicted to Talmud’s mind stimulating principles.

YPTS: Young Professional Torah Scholars is a new program designed to enhance the learning experience of young professionals. Led by Rabbi Avraham Levychaim, the program meets every Tuesday from 9:30-11:00 am, starting with a 20 minute Mussar lesson and light breakfast. A Halacha shiur follows with a new topic covered each week.

Practical Spirituality: Understanding and practicing actions and behaviors that foster genuine spirituality.

Self Improvement: The tools to discover one’s inner powers in order to build character, develop personality, and maximize one’s potential.

Family Focus

Premarital Counseling: Meets the very real need of teaching the couples to be how to relate and solve problems in a constructive manner and instills in them characteristics needed for a happy and everlasting marriage.

Relationship Guidance: Good personal relationships between spouses, parent-child or friends are the cornerstone of a healthy community. Yachad provides countless sessions in individual and group forums to foster proper relationships.

Marriage Counseling: Provides counseling by highly trained Rabbis to those marriages that need some extra help to get on the right track.

Parenting Classes: Twenty First century life is busy and pressurized, making the task of parenting especially difficult. Yachad is uniquely proud of the attendance we enjoy and the impact we have created through these popular classes, where we impart the art of raising children in a way that will help them become healthy and happy adults.

Community Care

Early & After Hours Study: When the need arises, Yachad Rabbis are ready to leave their own families and provide different services long after business hours late into the night and early when most of the city is still asleep.

Shabbat Programs: Our services take no vacations or weekends off. We are there when needed, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Guest Speaker Series: Lectures from most sought after speakers and experts in different fields.

Lectures in Private Homes: Many people are looking for chances of growth and empowerment within the comfort of their homes. Again Yachad is there when this request is communicated. Many family or social gatherings have become the talk of the town by using this program to provide the extra benefit of spiritual rejuvenation and self discovery.

Inspirational High Holiday Services: Today’s participants in services and prayers are looking for unique and inspirational experiences. By creating services where education and growth are the main focus, thousands who are searching for meaning and inspiration have found a place where their goals and wishes are welcomed.

Special Events: Yachad is proud to host special events with world renowned guest speakers, lecturers and scholars in residence. These special guests serve as a wellspring of inspiration for not only Yachad, but the entire community!

Ladies Programs: Yachad is honored to present monthly women’s programs to enrich the daily lives of the ladies in our community. Events include inspirational speeches, dinners, luncheon, melave malkas, mommy & me, boutique sales, series in Pirkei Avot, and Seuda Shelishi.

Full Set of Weekday and Shabbat Minyans: Since Yachad’s move to its new location, we have been privileged to offer a full set of minyanim catering to the whole family. Our minyans are scheduled around learning programs so the community can take advantage of learning after or before each minyan.