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Parashat Shemini

By Rabbi David Cohen: He said to Aharon, “Take for yourself a yearling calf as a sin-offering.” (9:2) Aharon HaKohen brought a Korban Chatat, Sin-offering, to atone for his part in the chet ha’eigal. Klal Yisrael also brought a calf to atone for their role in making the Golden Calf. […]

Shevii and Shemini Shel Pesach

By Rabbi David Shasho: From the dawn of our history as a nation, Jews were forced to learn that lasting achievement takes time. You can never get there by the shortest road. The history of all too many nations born after the Second World War and the end of empires […]



By Rabbi Yosef Shemtov: There is a positive mitzvah to talk about Yetziat Mitzrayim and all the miracles on Pesach night. That’s why the rabbis prepared the Haggadah, so that we would be able to perform this mitzvah more easily. Therefore, one should understand what he is reading in the […]


Parashat Vayikra

By Rabbi Shlomo Zargari: Shalom to all, This week’s parasha starts with a phrase which will be repeated many times: אשה ריח ניחוח לה״,” offering by fire a pleasing aroma for HaShem. And if ח״ו the nation sins, it says that HaShem “won’t accept the pleasing aroma,” meaning the offerings […]

Parashat Vayakhel Pekudei

By Rabbi Aharon Seleh: The Ben Ish Chai quotes a fascinating Zohar which explains how important it is to do the mitzvot with joy and to sing and praise Hashem. The Zohar says there are 2 camps in the impure forces. One is responsible for all the frivolous parties in […]