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By Rabbi Yosef Shemtov: Why do we celebrate Chanukah? Israel was captured by the Greeks around 200 years before the destruction of the second temple. The Greeks were not like other nations who killed Jews, but they were very interested in killing our religion. They started making decrees that Jews […]


Parashat Vayeshev

By Rabbi David Cohen: Hashem was with Yosef, and he became a successful man… His master saw that Hashem is with him, and all that he would do Hashem would make successful in his hand. (39:2,3) People go through life searching for success. Some are fortunate to find it; while, […]

Parashat Vayishlach

By Rabbi Aharon Seleh: In this week’s Parsha, Rashi explains the message Yakov sent Eisav. Yakov told Eisav “I kept the 613 mitzvos while staying with Lavan, but I did not learn from his actions.” Chacham Ovadia zatzal quotes Rav Moshe Shapiro zatzal that in fact Yakov wasn’t boasting about […]


Parashat Vayetzei

By Rabbi Shlomo Zargari: Shalom, at the end of our parasha, we have the episode of the escape of Yaakv Avinu from Haran and Lavan. After using Yaakov and tricking him on everything from work to marriage, he changed his wages 100 times just to leave him penniless and took […]


Parashat Toldot

By Rabbi Yosef Shemtov: We see in this week’s Torah portion that Rivka was barren and was not able to have children. The pasuk says that Yitzhak prayed to Hashem by the side of his wife Rivka, meaning both of them prayed constantly. The pasuk then says Hashem accepted Yitzhak’s […]