Purim Sedaka

Zecher La’mahasit Ha’shekel               זכר למחצית השקל

It is customary during the month of Adar to make a charitable donation to commemorate the “Mahasit Ha’shekel,” the annual half-shekel tax that every Jew would give during the times of the Bet Ha’mikdash to fund the expenses of the Temple.

The preferred method for fulfilling the custom of “Zecher La’mahasit Ha’shekel” is to use a half-dollar coin that has silver content. ($6 per adult year 2016)

Matanot La’evyonim                                   מתנות לאביונים

One of the obligations that apply on the festival of Purim is Matanot La’evyonim – gifts to the poor (to two people in need). Sages write that one should give an amount with which the recipient can purchase a modest meal, consisting of bread and a dip. For us, this would mean approximately $5. Thus, to fulfill this obligation, one must donate $10, so that two people in need receive an amount with which they can purchase a modest meal. Women, too, are included in this obligation, it is laudable to give more than this amount.

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