Thank You Yachad!

The Yom iyun for ladies today was truly amazing. All the speakers were fantastic. Thank you to Mrs. Akhamzadeh for all her hard work. I could tell a lot of detail went into this amazing event.
They speakers all very inspirational. It was a bit of a drive from the valley, but well worth it.
Thank you,
C.  Rubin

“The Yachad Kollel has shown me what a thriving Jewish community is all about. Before coming to the Kollel, I did not know what an Iranian Jewish community looked like. Now I see the beauty in learning and in Iranian Judaism. With such motivating, positive, and inspiring Rabbis, it is the perfect place for any Jew who wants to learn. They never turn anyone away and always love to see fresh faces who are interested in learning anything about Judaism. It is truly amazing to see the level of dedication the Rabbis have to the Kollel and to their community.”
David Tehrani,
3rd year student at UCLA  

I have been attending classes at Yachad for a little bit over a year now and I can say the people that I met and the Torah that I have learned has made a positive impact on me. I am currently studying Jewish Law, Talmud, and Musar. And hope to add more subjects in the near future. Yachad is a great place to learn Torah.
Roozbeh Laghaei,

Yachad, as the name states, is a place where people come together. The rabbis and their families with their warmth and dedication have one goal in mind: to create a center for young Persian Jews to identify with their faith in the midst of struggling to bridge the gap between two cultures, Persian and American. I have been fortunate to build a relationship with Rabbi Panahi and his wife Shira, who have become an integral part in my personal growth since I moved to Los Angeles last fall. Without an organization like Yachad, many college-aged students and professionals like myself can get swept into the glimmers and external pressures LA has to offer. Yachad has become one of the necessary outlets needed to keep many young Persian Jews connected with each other and most importantly with the Torah.
Dina Zaghi
UCLA Student

I have been going to Yachad Center for over a year, and so far I have had a great and very informative experience. To study Torah is a great activity in itself, but to study Torah at the Yachad in a friendly, but serious environment is different experience in itself as well. The Yachad Rabbis welcomed me with open arms, and every time I step foot in the Kollel I feel welcomed. My knowledge in the fields of Talmud, and halachah has increased and every time I attend my class is a sweet anticipation of how I’m going to be more knowledgeable after this session. If one takes it upon himself to learn Torah, Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Levychaim will make sure to seek the most fitting rabbi for the individual. The time I invest learning at the Kollel has really paid off, and it is safe to say it is one of the greatest spiritual investment one can make.
Adam Talasazan,
USC Student / PPD

“Yachad has allowed me to acquire valuable knowledge and create everlasting friendships.  Yachad has always been open to me at college with the Jewish club and in my daily life by studying weekly. Yachad gives opportunities to all people to open their minds to the Jewish culture that is embedded in their surroundings.  Thank you everyone who is involved in Yachad for building a community-based Jewish foundation.”
Talia Tabaroki,
UCLA Student

When I was only a senior in high school, I decided to attend a class given at my local synagogue, not knowing that it will change the course of my life forever.  The speaker was Rabbi Shlomo Zargari who is one of the Rabbis at the Yachad Kollel.  That night was the beginning of a relationship that would enable me to grow in previously impossible ways.
I was introduced to the Yachad kollel and started attending different classes given by some of the greatest Torah scholars of our time.  Soon, my weekly visits to the kollel became the highlight of my week.  Yachad showed me how Judaism is much deeper than the simple performance of religious rituals.  Besides providing me with the tools necessary for learning, the loving Rabbis at the Yachad have always been there for me when I need their advice or guidance. Yachad, in a sense, has become my second home.
Rod Najibi
UCLA Neuroscience

First off, I am very thankful to Yachad and its supporters, who have put their time and effort to make Yachad what it is. Yachad has provided an environment where people from all ages and religious background can become more knowledgeable about their responsibilities as a Jew. Classes on all subjects are available including One on One, which makes a lot different from others. I personally have gained a lot and look to growing with Yachad.
Simon Moyenzadeh