A Simple Guide to Building a Sukkah and Schach

Sukkot is a happy time when people build Sukkahs and celebrate. Let’s understand how to make a Sukkah and what materials to use for the roof covering, called schach.

The Sukkah Structure:

  • Three Walls: A Sukkah needs at least three walls (four is okay too). You can use strong materials like wood or cloth to make the walls as long as the walls don’t sway more than one Tefach.
  • Not Permanent: Remember, a Sukkah is a temporary home, not a permanent house. It should be easy to build and take down.
  • Size and Height: Make it big enough for a table and at least one person. But don’t make the roof too high—keep it below around 30 feet.
  • Covering (Schach): Put the roof covering (schach) on top of the Sukkah to give shade. Make sure the schach isn’t attached to the ground and is made of natural stuff, like branches, bamboo or leaves.
  • The Schach – Roof Covering:
  • Natural Materials Only: The schach should be made from natural things like branches, leaves, or bamboo. No metal or man-made things.
  • No Impurity: The schach can’t get impure, so no food or metals. It should give more shade than sunlight during the day and let you see some stars at night.
  • Put It Securely: Make sure the schach is laid well, so it won’t blow away easily.
  • Kosher Schach: Follow these rules to make sure your schach is good to use for Sukkot.

As Sukkot gets near, people begin to set up their Sukkahs. Following these rules helps everyone have a great time in their Sukkah during this special celebration! You can also purchase a full sukkah kit at SukkahCo.com for a simple sukkah experience.