Rabbi Avraham Levychaim, Rosh Kollel . Rabbi Yoseph Shemtov, Executive Director.

Rabbi Shemuel Akhamzadeh, Rabbi Yechezkel Aryeh, Rabbi David Cohen, Rabbi Michael S. Kohanim, Rabbi Eli Refaelmehr, Rabbi Moshe Yakkobi, Rabbi Shlomo Zaragi, Rabbi Yosef Khakshoor, Rabbi Chaim Saeedian, Rabbi Yitzhak Ariel,  Mrs. Rachel Cohen.

Rabbi Avraham Levychaim
Rosh Kollel - Educational Director
Rabbi Avraham Levychaim is the Educational Director of Yachad and for the past 17 years has made a profound impact on the Los Angeles Persian Community. He has studied in prominent yeshivot such as Ner Israel Rabbinical College (where he received his ordination) and Chaim Berlin. His depth of insight into the human psyche coupled with his soft and gentle speech enchant the people around him.
Rabbi Yosef Shemtov
Executive Director
Rabbi Yosef Shemtov is the Executive Director of Yachad. He has studied in the Talmudic University of Florida and the Hebrew Theological College. In addition, he is a prominent alumnus of the Rabbinical Kollel in NY where he has also lectured. R. Shemtov is well known for his numerous classes & study groups that he has organized throughout the greater LA area. On top of all the other things that Rabbi Shemtov oversees, he carries the heavy financial burden of Yachad Kollel. Contact
Rabbi Yechezkel Aryeh
Rabbi Yechezkel Aryeh is one of the most beloved individuals in the community and his caring and modest personality makes him easy to talk to. He studied at Ner Israel Rabbinical College where he received his ordination and Master’s Degree in Talmudic Law. He teaches a wide array of classes at Yachad, as well as many classes in downtown Los Angeles. With his enchanting voice he has the power to rejuvenate in his role as Chazan at Yachad Kollel. Contact
Rabbi Shlomo Zargari
Rabbi Shlomo Zargari attended the Mechina before going to Ner Israel Rabbinical College, where he received his Master’s in Talmudic Law. R. Zargari has also studied in post-graduate programs in America and Israel. He offers many classes on a wide range of topics at Yachad and in downtown LA. He also provides our community’s youth with much needed premarital guidance.Los Angeles. With his enchanting voice he has the power to rejuvenate in his role as Chazan at Yachad Kollel. Contact
Rabbi Michael Segankohanim
Rabbi Michael Segankohanim is a part-time educator at Yachad Kollel. With his vast knowledge of many topics, he is able to give good advice whenever it’s needed. Rabbi Michael gives many classes at many locations around the city. In addition to the services he provides at the Kollel, Rabbi Segankohanim also leads the congregation of Ahavat Sholom Synagogue, where his energetic personality has made him beloved by all of the congregants.
Rabbi David Cohen
Rabbi David Cohen attended UCLA where he received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He then continued on to the Israel branch of the Rabbinical Seminary of America for one year and then moved to the Queens campus, where he was ordained. Rabbi and Mrs. Cohen have created a unique outreach initiative called The Jewish Leadership Network which provides Jewish college graduates access to high level professional leaders & internships in various fields. The Jewish Leadership Network also arranges Torah study sessions & Jewish programming. Contact
Rabbi Avraham Moeinzadeh
Rabbi Avraham Moeinzadeh is a recent graduate of NIRC, he is a very accomplished scholar with vast knowledge in many areas. Aside from his tremendous accomplishments in scholarship, his great warmth and gentle character attract many members of our community to his Torah classes.
Rabbi Aviad Boukris
Rabbi Aviad Boukris is a graduate of Beis Medrash Gevoha in Lakewood, NJ. Rabbi Boukris is an educator at Yachad Kollel, giving daily shiurim and various Torah classes. His vast knowledge of the Talmud, fluency in different languages, and patient personality enables him to reach out to people in many different sectors. Contact
Rabbi Eliezer Refaelmehr
Rabbi Eliezer Refaelmehr is a part-time educator at Yachad Kollel. He graduated from Mechina High School before attending Ner Israel Rabbinical College. At Ner Israel, Rabbi Eliezer received his ordination and Master’s in Talmudic Law. His very friendly approach with his students and his contagious smile make him loved by everyone around him. He is in the process of completing a doctorate degree in Psychology.
Rabbi Aharon Seleh
Rabbi Aharon Seleh is the newest addition to our kollel. He was born and bred in Los Angeles and recently relocated from Lakewood, New Jersey to join Yachad Kollel. Aharon was educated in Toras Emes, Yeshiva Gedolah of Los Angeles, and studied in Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia for two years, subsequent to a year of study in Israel by Rabbi Dovid Soloveitchik of Brisk. Aharon joined Beis Medrash Govoha of Lakewood where he studied for more than eight years. Aharon is married to Rena Faitler of Detroit. They have a daughter and a son. Contact