Parashat Vayeshev

By Rabbi David Cohen:

Hashem was with Yosef, and he became a successful man… His master saw that Hashem is with him, and all that he would do Hashem would make successful in his hand. (39:2,3)

People go through life searching for success. Some are fortunate to find it; while, to others, it remains elusive. What is the key to success? Yosef was successful. How did he do it? Rashi explains the phrase, ki Hashem ito, “Hashem was with him,” as Shem Shomayim shagar b’fiv, “The Name of Heaven was fluent in his mouth,” to mean that he would regularly refer to Hashem in conversation.

Yosef’s success was not simply due to his awareness of G-d, but because he articulated this awareness. Shem Shomayim shagar b’fiv, Hashem’s Name was fluent in his mouth. Yosef kept on praying constantly. He understood that he needed Hashem every step of the way. Only Hashem could help him. Otherwise, he had nothing.

May we all be zocheh to have Hatzlacha in our tefillot.

Shabbat Shalom