Parashat Bo

By Rabbi Shlomo Zargari:

Shalom, In Parashat Bo , (12,26) HaShem gives us the command of bringing the Pesah offering. The Torah also tells us when we enter the land of Yisrael we shall continue this Misva.
The Torah says your children will tell you: מה העבודה הזאת לכם. Meaning, what is this service to you?? This is a familiar statement from the Haggada.

Rav Avraham Dayan explained this with a parable. Two young men decided to leave their village and go to the big city to see if they could make it there. They had nothing and wanted to make the long journey by foot, so they went to the elder of the village to ask him for advice. He told them about the hustle and bustle of the big city and the cutthroat competitors, the hard work and loneliness there…

One of the young men heard all that and went pale, thinking to himself aloud, he said what do I need all that hard work for? I’m comfortable in the village sitting and doing nothing.

The other fellow didn’t let up; he continued probing and asking about the types of businesses, who to go to, which connections do you have and how to start?
The elder of the village knew, he will go and be successful!
The רשע as he is dubbed in the Hagada asks in despair מה העבודה הזאת לכם what’s this hard toil for? It’s too hard to carry this burden ( of misvot) and he he stops at the beginning. But the חכם ,the wise one, inquires further into the details: מה העדות החוקים והמשפטים. ( Devarim 6,20)

He will do and succeed!