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Jewish Future

Following the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, Jews felt the need to relocate to a safer sanctuary and left Iran for western countries particularly North America en mass. A large number of families settled in Los Angeles. This mass exodus came in haste and the community was unprepared to replant itself with the right social and educational infrastructure to guarantee and protect the future of its members from dangers lurking on every corner of the new land.

Yachad Kollel & Outreach Center was funded in year 1998 for the goal of reaching out to the members of the community to educate and enrich their lives in all walks of life, be it students, young professionals or families. All these for the purpose of guaranteeing a bright future for our community.

Opportunities for exploring Jewish heritage and literature are offered through one-on-one study sessions, youth groups, singles gatherings, office lunch-and-learn programs, marriage and parenting workshops and many more weekly classes and activities.

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