Parashat Terumah

Parasha Thoughts

By Rabbi David Cohen

They shall make a Sanctuary for Me so that I may dwell among them. (25:8)

It is apropos that the first week Yachad Kollel begins learning in the new building is Parshat Terumah, the portion dealing with the building of the Mishkan. The Alshich HaKadosh, zl, notes the use of the word, b’tocham, in them, rather than b’tocho, in it. This teaches that every Jew must serve as a veritable Mishkan, sanctuary, for Hashem. Every Jew is a mikdash me’at, miniature sanctuary. This should be our self-view, and likewise, the way we look at others.

So while the Kollel enjoys the surrounding of a new beit midrash building, it is the people who it was built for that are the real Mishkan. May the community merit to see the mishkan me’at that is within us and the mikdash me’at that is the Kollel grow together!

Shabbat Shalom


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