Parashat Yitro

Parasha Thoughts

By Rabbi Aharon Seleh

The Medrash brings a possuk “מפי עוללים ויונקים יסדת עוז” and expounds upon it- הקב”ה asked Bnei Yisrael, “Who will be a guarantor that you will keep my Torah?” הקב”ה didn’t accept אברהם יצחק and ויעקב as our guarantees. Only when we said our children will be our guarantors, הקב”ה agreed. From then on, our protection comes from our children if we teach them Torah and to follow the ways of Hashem.

We must understand that even if one lives a fully religious life, if one is negligent in giving his children a proper chinuch, he will be held fully responsible for every action of his child. Picking the right school is essential, but it’s not enough. We must instill in them the proper way of life.
Furthermore, besides keeping the Torah in general, we all came here on a personal mission. There is something we must improve on. A person’s weakest point spiritually, where one keeps failing, is their mission. It’s very important to Hashem that we make sure that our children don’t inherit our deficiency, as they are considered our continuation.

When our children learn Torah and do mitzvos, we get full credit. Even a simple man will be considered very great in Heaven if his son does a lot of mitzvot, as they consider the son a part of the father.

Shabbat Shalom