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Parashat Bereshit

By Rabbi Avraham Moeinzadeh: ואם לא תיטיב לפתח חטאת רובץ “If you don’t do good the sin is lying by the door.” Rabbi Gifter writes in the name of Hagaon MeVilna that the yetzer hara cannot deceive a person unless he finds an emptiness in the heart of that person, […]

Simchat Torah Thoughts

By Rabbi Aharon Seleh: Simchat Torah is coming up. And with it- tremendous opportunities. The ראשונים say whoever truly rejoices during the dancing of Simchat Torah, is ensured that all of his descendents will learn Torah. Furthermore, he’ll merit great חכמים as his descendants. It is well known that חכם […]


Rosh Hashana

By Rabbi Yosef Shemtov: Rosh Hashana is the day of judgment. Anything that happened this past year with our health, parnassa, jobs, and the pandemic was written on Rosh Hashana and was signed on Yom Kippur. Anything that will happen next year will be written and signed on these upcoming […]


Parashat Ki Tavo

By Rabbi Avraham Moeinzadeh: The Gemarah teaches us in Masechet Chagigah about seven heavens, their names, and what is going on there. The fifth level of the heavens is called “Ma’on.” In this level the mal’achim (angles) are standing and singing for Hashem at night, but are quiet during the […]

Parashat Ki Tetzei

By Rabbi Aharon Seleh: Elul is upon us. Such a wonderful month where we could destroy our sins through תשובה. We must realize that our sins actualize into harmful angels. When we repent properly, we are destroying an army of these angels! But we must realize that תפילה and סליחות […]