Simchat Torah Thoughts

By Rabbi Aharon Seleh:

Simchat Torah is coming up. And with it- tremendous opportunities.
The ראשונים say whoever truly rejoices during the dancing of Simchat Torah, is ensured that all of his descendents will learn Torah. Furthermore, he’ll merit great חכמים as his descendants. It is well known that חכם עובדיה יוסף זצ”ל ‘s father – רב יעקב used to dance and sing enthusiastically on Simchat Torah with all his strength and influenced others to do the same, and in that merit he merited having חכם עובדיה as his son. A person must realize that all the merits of his children are credited to the father too, as if he himself had become a scholar, and of course the reward he’ll receive.

The רב חיים פלאגי says, “One must do his best to have כוונה during the prayers of שמיני חג עצרת, for 2 reasons. 1- The prayers of the day are the culmination of all the prayers since ראש השנה and therefore everything depends on this day. 2- Furthermore, this day שמיני עצרת, is the one day a year where a person’s prayers are very readily accepted by Hashem, as the Zohar says. ‘Whatever one asks of Hashem’s on this day, Hashem will accept his prayer and fulfill his request.’”

The world is going through the last stage before moshiach. Harav Shalom Arush had requested in the name of the tzaddikim that everyone should pray continuously that Hashem reveal- מלכות שמים מלכות בית דוד ובנין בית המקדש, as that would help hasten the גאולה speedily in our days.