Parashat Toldot

By Rabbi Aharon Seleh:

The מדרש brings that יצחק אבינו prayed to Hashem – ” If a person goes through life without any יסורין ( trials and tribulations), it will be more difficult for him in the next world, as his sins have accumulated against him.” Hashem answered, “You have asked for a very good thing, and I will start with you.” At that point, יצחק אבינו eyes weakened.

Though a person shouldn’t explicitly ask for יסורין, once they come they are a ברכה in disguise. When a person suffers in any way – whether it’s physical pain, a financial loss, an insult or other emotional pain, this replaces a much bigger punishment that would have been needed in the next world to erase the sin. Furthermore, a person will get rewarded generously for all that they suffered, even though it’s already a blessing for him! Last but not least, Hashem minimizes the suffering tremendously even in this world. But one must accept the יסורין wholeheartedly!

Someone once can to his rav to complain that his air conditioning broke down and cost a fortune to fix. The rav responded that we have a tradition – any financial loss comes to replace a health problem. Hashem had mercy and spared him from that illness

A young man left kollel to invest in business. He invested his entire savings. Soon afterwards he lost everything. He came to Rav Kalman Krohn zatzal devastated. He wanted to know why this happened. The rav guided him in how to find out…after 40 days this young man had a dream that his son was suppose to get cancer רחמנא ליצלן, Hashem had mercy and decided to take his savings instead. Remember – whatever happens to you, raise your eyes to heaven and say, “Thank you Hashem!”

Shabbat Shalom