Parashat Va’era

By Rabbi Yosef Shemtov: This week’s Torah portion is the continuation of last week’s parasha when Moshe Rabbeinu complained to Hashem saying, “Since I was given the mission of saving the Jews from Egypt and leading them to Israel, not only was I not successful, but the situation became much worse.” The truth is that the Almighty had already told Moshe that Pharaoh would not let the Jews out until he struck Pharaoh. However, Moshe Rabbenu felt very bad for Beni Israel, whom he loved very dearly, when he saw that Pharaoh became furious and gave Beni Israel harder jobs.

Moreover, Moshe Rabbeinu thought that this was a big desecration of Hashem’s name because people might think that if Hashem had the power to take us out, why were we working even harder?

That’s why Moshe Rabbeinu complained to Hashem and said, “Why did you send me to rescue the Jews if it is not the time yet?”

Hashem rebuked Moshe for complaining and assured him that Beni Israel would go out from Egypt with a mighty hand and with big miracles. Hashem told Moshe every difficult situation is the start of a new redemption and happiness. Yes Beni Israel were now having a more difficult time, but that would reduce their exile from 400 to 210 years.

We don’t understand Hashem’s ways, but we need to know there is a master plan in creation.  The point is to have trust in the Almighty and believe that he is running the world in the best way  possible.